Dr. John Bardash

Dr. Bardash graduated from the Illinois College of Optometry in 1998. He earned dual honors in the Cornea & Contact Lens Clinic and in the Low Vision Service for diagnosing and managing specialty cases.

He has an outstanding ability to fit a wide variety of contact lenses including toric soft lenses for astigmatism, rigid gas permeable lenses, soft or rigid multifocal contacts and keratoconus lenses designed to treat corneal disease.

Dr. Bardash has obtained the highest level of licensure available for an Optometrist in the state of Colorado. He has the authority to prescribe medications used to treat ocular disease. His patient care skills include Advanced Ocular Treatment used in caring for glaucoma, iritis, foreign body removal, epilation and dry eye / ocular surface disease.

John receives praise from patients for his kind and considerate mannerism. He has a charismatic personality that people enjoy.

Dr. John Bardash volunteered his time to examine 44 children for Von’s Vision in January 2017.

  • Dr. John Bardash values giving back to the Community.
  • Dr. Spex Vision Care is involved with the Junior League of Denver.
  • We are a proud sponsor and have been an active participant since 2013 through present in a Corporate Partnership.
  • Dr. Bardash has made a Donation to Global Brigades USA @ University of Denver Med Brigade. This financial support assists a Pre-Med student at DU to join a team of Doctors and Pharmacists to help people with medical needs in Nicaragua.

Dr. Alfonso Puzzo

Dr. Alfonso Puzzo is a licensed Optometrist having practiced in both the United States and Canada. He holds four degrees from multiple world renowned institutions including McMaster University, University of Toronto, and Nova Southeastern University.

His extensive training and education have given him a passion for the management and treatment of many ocular conditions such as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, dry eye, infectious disease, and foreign body removal.

He also performs general primary care for ocular health, prescription glasses, contact lens fitting, as well as pre & post operative management for cataract and laser correction surgeries. During his eye exams he explains the procedures and why they are done. The test results along with his diagnoses and treatment plans are interpreted in a manner which patients understand. Many patients compliment his attention to detail and thoroughness.

Dr. Puzzo has a great chair side manner that patients enjoy. His positive attitude and compassion are evident through his caring demeanor.